life in colour

Colour can be daunting when it comes to dressing. So many women are unhappy in their bodies and when we are constantly told that black is the most slimming shade to wear it's unsurprising many of us are deterred from trying a brighter look.

If you were to rifle through my wardrobe right now, in general you would find a lot of monochrome, a lot of blue denim and a lot of shirts. Granted, it's peppered with a few accent colours; a mustard yellow here and there and maybe some pastel pink but up until recently I was a pretty neutral dresser too.

Lately however, I have been attracted to some more daring hues and it's funny how wearing a little colour can lift your spirits!  

For this outfit I have gone all out with fuchsia. I mean, if you are going to do a thing you might as well, you know, do it. The key, for me, is to incorporate some 'safety net' items like this casual tee and my Birkenstocks, both of which are easy, familiar pieces which help to create a more effortless look. I recommend this tactic to anyone trying out a different style as keeping the rest of your outfit close to your usual will ease you into the idea of seeing yourself in something new.

Keeping the rest of the colour palette minimal and in the same colour family also helps pair back and soften the vivid shade of fuchsia making it more relaxed and laid-back for daytime. A slight nod to the colour combo of the moment, pink and red also freshens the look, keeping it feeling contemporary and new.

Pink and red were never a pairing that previously screamed success and I'm almost certain it's in every list of 'fashion rules' ever written that it shouldn't be done but considering there was a time women couldn't wear trousers we can all surely agree rules are there to be bent or broken, at least when it comes to fashion.

I am loving the new possibilities introducing colour to my wardrobe is bringing and while I think I might always consider a minimal, monochromatic look 'my style' what's the harm in experimenting a little? And as for black being the most slimming shade to wear, maybe it is, but... who cares! I am all for my clothes being flattering but not if it means I can't wear whatever I want: wear something with confidence and it will look good (despite any rules you are breaking).

Shoes: Birkenstock | Skirt: Topshop | Bag: Topshop | T-Shirt: Topshop