Jeans and a t-shirt have become synonymous with the weekend wardrobe. Both easy, effortless pieces, you can throw on a leather jacket and trainers for during the day or a blazer and heels for the evening without too much thought or foresight. And while I'm a huge advocate for these looks as well as a simple jeans and a t-shirt outfit in general, I'm not such a fan of segregating clothing in this way. Keeping certain pieces just for the weekend, just for work or just for evenings can lead to lack of variety and boredom when it comes to getting dressed. An easy way to avoid this is to see your wardrobe as fluid, styling tailored pieces in with casual and vice versa. Wearing a t-shirt with a mini skirt on a night out or a pair of tailored trousers with trainers for Sunday brunch stops an evening outfit looking overdone and elevates typical weekend wear.


Here I've paired a wide leg check trouser with Winter's equivalent to a t-shirt, the polo. These trousers are ideal for daywear as they are the perfect length to wear with flats. I'm about 5"5" and they skim my trainers, sitting just above the ground which is important if you don't want them to soak up the rain like your flared jeans circa 2002. Pairing with chunky knitwear deflects the 'office' association as well as being practical in the current cold weather. 


As with most things, striking the right balance is important when it comes to keeping outfits feeling contemporary. Cardigans are just coming back on the scene so ensuring the rest of the outfit is youthful stops them feeling stuffy. This one is great because the balloon sleeve detail in the cardigan itself makes it feel fresh, especially in addition to the tie belt which synchs in the waist creating a flattering shape which can easily be lost with thick knits. 


I'm sure your Instagram will have been inundated with berets of late but this outfit is no exception as accessories and hats are the easiest and arguably the most affordable way (depending where you shop) to update wardrobe staples. Matching bags and accessory colours is definitely something that comes down to personal preference but with the right look, I think it can really pull together and finish off an outfit. As an additional extra I styled with a pair of textured hoops which again offsets the more casual elements of the look. 


So if you are feeling uninspired with your 'weekend wardrobe' trying pulling items you would normally reserve for other times during the week or take the time to think of what hats, bags, scarves etc would complement the outfit. Doing this will reinvigorate how you see and style your basics. 


Beret: Topshop | Polo Neck: H&M | Cardigan: Topshop (sold out) Alternative | Trousers: Topshop (sold out) Alternative | Shoes: Topshop | Bag: Zara (old) Alternative

Earrings: Topshop (sold out) Alternative | Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative