Sometimes there's not much more to say than, I'm dreaming of Summer; of sun on skin, long nights that stretch out before you... barbecues' with friends and picnic dinners in the park. Holiday's to places with new streets and new people, slotting into a life that isn't yours for a while.


This dress from Allegra C/O of Student High Street, with its boho print and trailing fabric instantly brought me to the Summer that's yet to come. Styling and shooting in the flat, amidst eager searches for flights to places I've dreamed of visiting. I can't wait to wear this meandering down an unfamiliar cobbled street and sitting in beautiful squares with a coffee or a glass of wine; discovering somewhere new. 

I imagine wearing this with layered jewellery as I have here, paired with this macrame bag and these cat eye sunglasses which adds to the boho vibe which is something quite different for me. If you want to complete this look, wear with leather sandals like these. If I'm honest I'd probably throw on a pair of white minimal trainers because I love that kind of juxtaposition in an outfit as well as trainers being my absolute go to regardless. 


Student High Street, if you haven't heard of it, is a shopping platform where you can discover emerging brands such as Allegra and Fan Club Clothing; those two being my favourite discoveries from the site so far. However, SHS is more than just a shopping destination. With the founders holding strong values in supporting young talent, the site is a stage for upcoming events, music and innovation too. 


This post is sponsored by SHS

Dress: Allegra C/O SHS | Earrings: Topshop (old) | Short Necklace: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Long Necklace: Oliver Bonas (in store) | Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative 

Photography: Charlie Jennings



Jeans and a t-shirt have become synonymous with the weekend wardrobe. Both easy, effortless pieces, you can throw on a leather jacket and trainers for during the day or a blazer and heels for the evening without too much thought or foresight. And while I'm a huge advocate for these looks as well as a simple jeans and a t-shirt outfit in general, I'm not such a fan of segregating clothing in this way. Keeping certain pieces just for the weekend, just for work or just for evenings can lead to lack of variety and boredom when it comes to getting dressed. An easy way to avoid this is to see your wardrobe as fluid, styling tailored pieces in with casual and vice versa. Wearing a t-shirt with a mini skirt on a night out or a pair of tailored trousers with trainers for Sunday brunch stops an evening outfit looking overdone and elevates typical weekend wear.


Here I've paired a wide leg check trouser with Winter's equivalent to a t-shirt, the polo. These trousers are ideal for daywear as they are the perfect length to wear with flats. I'm about 5"5" and they skim my trainers, sitting just above the ground which is important if you don't want them to soak up the rain like your flared jeans circa 2002. Pairing with chunky knitwear deflects the 'office' association as well as being practical in the current cold weather. 


As with most things, striking the right balance is important when it comes to keeping outfits feeling contemporary. Cardigans are just coming back on the scene so ensuring the rest of the outfit is youthful stops them feeling stuffy. This one is great because the balloon sleeve detail in the cardigan itself makes it feel fresh, especially in addition to the tie belt which synchs in the waist creating a flattering shape which can easily be lost with thick knits. 


I'm sure your Instagram will have been inundated with berets of late but this outfit is no exception as accessories and hats are the easiest and arguably the most affordable way (depending where you shop) to update wardrobe staples. Matching bags and accessory colours is definitely something that comes down to personal preference but with the right look, I think it can really pull together and finish off an outfit. As an additional extra I styled with a pair of textured hoops which again offsets the more casual elements of the look. 


So if you are feeling uninspired with your 'weekend wardrobe' trying pulling items you would normally reserve for other times during the week or take the time to think of what hats, bags, scarves etc would complement the outfit. Doing this will reinvigorate how you see and style your basics. 


Beret: Topshop | Polo Neck: H&M | Cardigan: Topshop (sold out) Alternative | Trousers: Topshop (sold out) Alternative | Shoes: Topshop | Bag: Zara (old) Alternative

Earrings: Topshop (sold out) Alternative | Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative 



Welcome back to The Style Companion 2018. Festivities are over and we are amidst what will now be known as 'Januaryland'. If you are wondering what the hell Januaryland is; it's the sad bones of Christmas trees tossed to the side of the road, the gathering pile of empty wine bottles next to an overflowing bottle bank and pretty much, the general shitty feeling that many of us have for the first month of the year when we're too skint to do anything and already feel overindulged in little pleasures such as chocolate to even take comfort in that without a certain feeling of guilt following immediately afterwards. So although I identify with the above, I'm going to try and shed a little light on the first month the year with an outfit post. 


As I mentioned in my last blog, I've recently finished up in my role as a Topshop personal shopper and have started a new job within a creative communications company. Having just completed my first week, I can safely say I'm loving the change so far and finding learning a new business incredibly inspiring. The timing has allowed me to find the excitement in starting 2018 with a clean slate and fresh ideas which I'd love to translate here too.

I have also noticed a change in the way I view my wardrobe. I no longer look at pieces with a time stamp of when I bought them attached. Working in retail means you are constantly surrounded by product with new deliveries coming in more or less everyday which tricks you into feeling items are 'old' when actually they might have been purchased as little as month ago. I'm enjoying styling my current clothes in different ways and seeing how many varying looks I can achieve with them. 


For Christmas I treated myself to this 100% cashmere hoodie which I've always coveted but couldn't justify (however, when you know your staff discount is about to be no more, you can justify just about anything)! And although it's the cosiest jumper for lounging about the house in, whilst also being fully acceptable to answer the door to the postman in, I wanted to ensure I could style it in a proper outfit too.

Teamed with my beloved straight jeans and socks boots I layered with a polo neck - shock horror - and a structured double breasted blazer in a spiced yellow colour. With frayed detailing and big tortoise shell buttons it's a piece I feel surpasses other similar offerings on the High Street and will stand the test of time within my wardrobe. I've not layered a hoodie under anything since high school, but I love the effortless smart, casual look it gives worn under the blazer showing that occasionally it's worth investing in your loungewear if it can also play a part in your regular wardrobe too. 


Polo Neck (just seen): Topshop | Cashmere Hoodie: Topshop (sold out) Alternative | Blazer: Topshop (sold out) Ebay | Jeans: Topshop | Boots: Topshop

Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative 


Bag:  Topshop  | Coat:  H&M  | Shoes:  & Other Stories  | Earrings:  Topshop  | Jumpsuit:  Warehouse

Bag: Topshop | Coat: H&M | Shoes: & Other Stories | Earrings: Topshop | Jumpsuit: Warehouse

While I'm not quite putting up my Christmas tree yet, I am definitely already feeling festive. Today I bought some baubles AND my first present whilst wandering a dreich but glistening Edinburgh. Since I am patiently awaiting payday before splurging on myself, I've put together a few outfits that will see you through the party season. Featuring High Street favourites from Warehouse and Whistles to & Other Stories, Zara, H&M, Anthropologie and not forgetting old faithful, Topshop, these looks will (hopefully) serve some inspiration for your Christmas party outfits.  

If like me, you love a jumpsuit for an evening, this one packs a punch in cherry red. There is something so powerful yet classic about an all in one and this one is effortlessly so; with a flattering wide leg, synched in belt and frill sleeve it is easy to wear and simple to style. Here I've paired with a metallic silver bag (red and silver is far more chic than red and gold in my opinion) and sparkly mismatched earrings to give a quirky touch. Patent black, barely there sandals and a fluffy faux fur add texture and shine to the overall outfit. I'd wear with slick back hair, winged liner and a hollywood red lip for a Christmas Party ready look.

Bag:  Whistles  | Boots:  Zara  | Coat:  Topshop  | Trousers:  & Other Stories  | Top:  Warehouse

Bag: Whistles | Boots: Zara | Coat: Topshop | Trousers: & Other Stories | Top: Warehouse

Secondly, I've styled something for when you want to feel dressed up but not necessarily for a night out; think drinks with friends, date night or a girly lunch. Leather trousers sort of terrify me (I'm imagining myself in the episode of Friends when Ross has to frantically talcum powder his legs...) but these straight leg versions are an interesting alternative to jeans or cigarette trousers adding an edgier element to the outfit. Polo necks are my favourite layering piece under round collared coats in Winter, so this sparkly stripe one paired with this dreamy Mongolian fur coat is a match made in Heaven tucked into the leather trousers. Tying everything together with these wine coloured sock boots (no need for chilly ankles this A/W) and a sheepskin bag your Boyfriend/Husband/Brother will hate but you will love - a fashion forward look that will turn heads for the right reasons. 

Lastly, I've created my imaginary Christmas Day look. While I love the idea of getting dressed up for Christmas Day it's never been part of our tradition as we've always had a low key day with the six of us, only recently changing since I've been with Charlie so this is more likely to be a New Years Eve outfit for me. Regardless, it's girly and feminine with a dose of Blair Waldorf hairband action too. Velvet is always a key fabric for the festive season and is something I bring out every year so this little black dress is the perfect addition to any wardrobe if you are seeking longevity. Creating a more unique look by adding a sparkly tie belt gives a classic shape a more current edge. The aforementioned hairband is a beautiful forest green with peacock feather embroidery - something I have been obsessing over since spotting it in my local Anthropologie. A crackled gold heel and sequin blazer finishes off this feminine seasonal outfit. 

Blazer:  Topshop  | Shoes:  Topshop  | Dress:  Warehouse  | Belt:  Topshop  | Hairband:  Anthropologie

Blazer: Topshop | Shoes: Topshop | Dress: Warehouse | Belt: Topshop | Hairband: Anthropologie

This is a sponsored post. 



Having already mentioned my penchant for traditions in the last post it probably comes as no surprise that I'm big on nostalgia too. If there's a box of childhood books, photos, primary school projects (basically any memorabilia possible) - I'll be there, combing through each and every detail. I could/can never tidy my room in a respectable amount of time because as soon as I discover(ed) something forgotten I would be/am down a rabbit hole. 

Stemmed from this I have decided to take photos on film, especially of special occasions and trips away. There is something unsettling about our whole lives being completely digital: potentially an oxymoron for someone writing an online blog. However, I like the idea of looking back on albums rather than scrolling through an Instagram feed to reminisce over a single, curated image.


Thankfully, the Cunningham household is not minimalist and my Dad came through with his old school Canon Power Shot (film still inside) which I took on a recent trip to the West Coast of Scotland. The holiday was chilled and outfits were cosy and practical (face makeup-less ). We stayed in an incredible AirBnB that had straight up Homeward Bound vibes. I'll link it incase anyone fancies a Scottish adventure; with slouchy sofas, wood burner and huge dining room table it would be perfect for a family get together or reunion with friends. 


Eating, drinking and Scrabble-ing were high on the priority list when the weather was being typically Scottish and when it was still being typically Scottish we ventured on local walks and road trips to Tobermory on Mull (Cafe Fish for lunch is a must). I definitely want to see more of Scotland as I think we often forget to explore our home countries. Stay tuned for more 'On Film' posts. 


PS. The original film in the camera was from a holiday in Menorca eleven years ago when I was fourteen and looking extremely 2006 and not at all like current fourteen year olds. Nostalgia giving much entertainment once again. 


Breton Stripe T-shirt: Topshop (Old) Alternative | Jeans: Topshop | White T-Shirt: Topshop (Sold Out) Alternative | Parka: Topshop (Old) Alternative 

Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Bracelet: Pandora | Necklace: Ted Baker

Season Of The Witch


I'd be lying if I said Hallowe'en was my favourite holiday because if truth be told, I love pretty much every holiday. If there is an excuse to don costume, glitter, tartan etc... or partake in some kind of tradition, I'm there. That being said, Hallowe'en is up there with the best. I've been known to express excitement about it's approach around the July mark. 

I am a huge child when it comes to traditions so the things I like about Hallowe'en are the same as when I was 5 - pumpkin carving, Hocus Pocus and appropriately themed sweets and snacks (always the snacks). From then, with the help of my friend Kim, growing up I developed a love for slasher films and general spookiness which upped the PG rating if only slightly. 


My wardrobe has no exemption from this strange desire to buy into gimmicks; I have a few Christmas only items and come Valentine's you know for sure I'll be wearing pink or red. Unsurprisingly I have several ghoulish tee's in my repertoire, this one being the newest C/O of Best Dressed Secret. Easy, fun and a bit silly (and also on sale); I added texture with this luxe green faux fur jacket from Topshop, high waisted, tailored trousers and crisp white trainers to give a little extra style kudos.  

One thing that was lacking in my box of tricks was a reputable spooky playlist (ie. not one including the Monster Mash) to listen to while indulging in aforementioned festivities. This year I created my own and needless to say it's been playing a lot this month. So, click play, check out the rest of this post and then get on to those pumpkins! Happy Hallowe'en! ðŸŽƒ


T-Shirt: C/O Best Dressed Secret (on sale) | Faux Fur Jacket: Topshop (old) New Season Colour also in Grey & Pink | Trousers: River Island (old) Alternative | Trainers: Topshop (old) Alternative 

Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Bracelet: Pandora | Necklace: Ted Baker



If you didn't already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and iconic bag brand, Fiorelli have teamed up with Breast Cancer Care to raise money through their campaign #carryourconfidence. The bold pinstripe collection donates £10 per bag with the aim of raising £75,000 across the year to support the charity. Face of the campaign, Katie - a survivor of breast cancer talks of how she wants to promote a positive battle, creating more confident stories for others to turn to. 


I am incredibly lucky to say that my life and those closest to me have not been touched by the disease directly but it goes without saying that the impact on those diagnosed and their loved ones is huge. I am also well aware of the fragility of that fact and how quickly it could change. For those reasons, I wanted to contribute to a message I feel strongly about. 

The narrative of the campaign is to #carryyourconfidence in the same way that you carry your favourite handbag. I picked the Anouk backpack as I love the minimal, chic design. The backpack style gives a youthful vibe which I contrasted with a tailored longline blazer. I love the proportions of the different jackets and dress paired with the knee high boots.


The campaign topic really resonated as confidence has been and still is an on going battle for me. The issue I have is that I often feel passionately about something but will regularly second guess myself and let the little voice in my head convince myself that I'm not good enough or that I'm wrong in my opinion. Something I'm sure a lot of of people can empathise with. It makes me anxious and can stop me voicing what I believe or proceeding with something I am passionate about, (this blog and writing being a prime example).

However, on certain days I feel full of determination and will act the part until it becomes something that I know I will be able to do. Public speaking is probably the best illustration of this. I still get nervous before talking to a crowd but over the years, from high school and uni to my job now, I forced myself to do it when it was asked of me. This has made me realise that I am capable, and although the butterflies still make their rounds in my stomach beforehand, I will get through it and be proud that I did. 


Another aspect that determines how confident I feel is how others view me, and this varies depending on who it is and what environment I'm in. I'm sure my Dad will find it somewhat amusing that I don't voice my opinion in certain circumstances as I have no trouble at all having a back and forth with him at the dinner table until he concedes (or at least pretends to). When I was in school I was always told by teachers to have more self belief as I constantly sought reassurance; words I have heard repeatedly and still do. There have also been friends/boyfriends over the years who were loud characters that dominated the relationship, making me believe that I was the weaker one. I have never been loud and unfortunately, loud is often misinterpreted as confident and quietness as shyness. In my opinion that is completely false. So depending on whether I am around close friends and family, at work or in a group of people I don't know very well then I can go from a exuberant debater to quietly confident to a reserved introvert in a flash.


Confidence comes in different ways, some are humble, some are arrogant, some are both depending on what day it is. However, I think the reserved shouldn't be underestimated as not being confident, they just might not be as forthcoming with it as others. If you are like me, surround yourself with those that build you up, support you and help you achieve your goals. If you believe in what you have to say but you don't necessarily believe in yourself, stepping outside your comfort zone is imperative for self growth. Otherwise, you'll later regret not taking the chance and seeing where it might lead. So, if you were to ask me how I carry my confidence I'd say, quietly, modestly, and with occasional pride (absolute pride is a work in progress). 

To support Breast Cancer Care, and Katie in her fight for confident stories pick up your bag from Fiorelli.com now.


Bag: C/O Fiorelli | Boots: Topshop (old) Alternative | Dress: Topshop (sold out) Alternative | Blazer: Topshop (sold out) Alternative | Coat: Zara (old) New Season Alternative 

Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Bracelet: Pandora | Necklace: Ted Baker

nailed it

The Nail Yard is my go to spot in Edinburgh for a manicure. Having previously suffered the consequences of acrylics and become disillusioned with shellac, I've converted to the gel polish offered there. Opaque and glossy with 2/3 weeks lasting power as well as nourishing qualities not found in other polishes (including shellac) - what's not to like? The salon itself is bright and contemporary; situated amongst the boutiques, coffee shops and florists of Morningside which further adds to it's charm.


On this occasion I was invited in to experience their new treatment, the 'Signature Manicure'. Upon arrival a massage candle was lit, while my nails were shaped and cuticles tidied. My hands were softened using a natural coconut scrub (which smelt amazing!) followed by an equally delicious moisturising lotion. As a longtime sufferer of eczema, the products were sensitive to my skin leaving them feeling hydrated and smooth and completely un-aggravated!


As I mentioned previously, I always opt for the gel polish as I find this lasts the longest on my nails. Shellac, for some reason, lasts only a few days before 'shattering' which is frustrating when investing in a manicure with the aim of longevity. The treatment finished with a relaxing hand and arm massage using the the oils from the candle which had been burning throughout the duration of the appointment. I went for a rich purple shade incorporating a subtle white dot on the thumb which I love, I only wish I had asked for it on each finger too!


I couldn't feature these photo's without mentioning my jewellery. I wear the same rings everyday and feel totally bizarre without them on. Both on my left hand were gifts from my Boyfriend, Charlie. The amber one is from a little shop in Stockbridge called Galerie Mirages which is definitely worth a visit if you are in Edinburgh and the wings are by jewellery designer Julia Lacey. The other two are both from Topshop's sterling silver range and I can testify both are still completely silver, with no signs of tarnishing at all! Although barely seen here I also wear my Pandora charm bracelet and a delicate heart chain from Ted Baker every day too along with my ear stud and nose ring which is a simple hoop, both from the piercing studio. I love wearing jewellery that has sentiment which is why I tend to wear the same pieces daily. 


Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) | Bracelet: Pandora | Necklace: Ted Baker | Leather Jacket: Topshop | Blouse: Topshop (Old) 

Photography: Charlie Jennings

the baker boy


Do you ever try on a hat with an outfit and as soon as you take it off the outfit just feels...lacking? It happened to me with this very outfit. I wore it to work, tried on a baker boy and had to buy it because my look just wasn't as good without it.

Baker boy's have been doing the rounds, especially on blogs, for the last couple of years so nothing new. Personally, I've struggled to find one that fitted my head...apparently it's rather large. I also wanted a minimal homage to the baker boy without all the bells and whistles. This one trades in the metal hardware for covered buttons in the same fabric as the main hat which softens the overall appearance. 


If you follow my Instagram you will have already seen this red knitted jumper. I bought it a little prematurely and have been absolutely boiling every time I've worn it (until now). I love this time of year when you can style an outfit with chunky jumpers and it not be cold enough that you have to hide the entire look with a coat. I paired this cosy knit with a Summer skirt purchase and opaque black tights - the perfect way to squeeze the most out of those Summer clothes before they hibernate for the next 6 months! 


I love the contrast between the feminine floral skirt and the chunky black boots which are a new buy from Mango. Having worn my studded Topshop Amy boots to death last year I was ready for something new and finding most styles hadn't moved on enough from the previous Winter selection I opted for a plainer but equally as masculine style. As added bonus, anyone who suffered through my endless complaints about the sheer effort and pain of breaking in my Amy's will be pleased to know, these ones were comfortable from the get go!


As someone who was never really into bags, the blog is teaching me the importance of having the right one with each look. This wallet on a chain style is a real suede number from Zara. As well as the overall style, I love the size as it stops me filling it with junk I don't need - although currently there are four different lipsticks in it.  

For me, this outfit is perfect for those bright Autumnal days where there's a chill in the air but not enough to merit a coat. Definitely perfect for a coffee and cinnamon bun run...


Hat: Topshop | Jumper: Topshop | Skirt: Topshop | Bag: Zara | Boots: Mango

at home


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about how much I enjoy blogs and images which incorporate lifestyle and realness; almost like the equivalent of what 'normcore' is for fashion. There is something so refreshing and authentic about seeing the full shot and outfit in context rather than with a blurred background. It feels as though you can really appreciate someone's style rather than just seeing someone wearing clothes - the main difference between blogging and traditional marketing campaigns. 

And so this post comes to you straight from my flat, complete with empty planters in the living room and wine bottles (also empty) on the kitchen floor. For added authenticity, I was also full of the cold which made my face look like a puffy mess (hence hiding it in the majority of shots).


On this occasion, I made a pot of coffee, gave Kirsty the tour and we chatted about us and about ideas for the blog while she snapped away. It was inspiring to give ourselves time to try something different and focus on developing new concepts.


This outfit aims to show that purchases made last year can still feel relevant if you choose thoughtfully and style in fresh ways. This H&M jumper has dramatic sleeves made from a quality mohair blend lending itself to simple, paired-back styling. I teamed it with a pair of ASOS jeans in stone, which is a far more wearable shade in the autumnal months than a stark white. To finish I wore my new checked slip on vans which I am currently loving along with my jewellery, which is the same as always (I plan on doing a separate post about it soon)! Overall this look is an easy throw on which still feels somewhat pulled together. For something more evening appropriate pair the jumper with black skinnies, heeled black boots, a red lip and sleek hair!


Jumper: H&M (old) New Season Version in Red | Top (just seen): H&M (old) Similar | Jeans (frayed by me): ASOS | Trainers: Vans