Having already mentioned my penchant for traditions in the last post it probably comes as no surprise that I'm big on nostalgia too. If there's a box of childhood books, photos, primary school projects (basically any memorabilia possible) - I'll be there, combing through each and every detail. I could/can never tidy my room in a respectable amount of time because as soon as I discover(ed) something forgotten I would be/am down a rabbit hole. 

Stemmed from this I have decided to take photos on film, especially of special occasions and trips away. There is something unsettling about our whole lives being completely digital: potentially an oxymoron for someone writing an online blog. However, I like the idea of looking back on albums rather than scrolling through an Instagram feed to reminisce over a single, curated image.


Thankfully, the Cunningham household is not minimalist and my Dad came through with his old school Canon Power Shot (film still inside) which I took on a recent trip to the West Coast of Scotland. The holiday was chilled and outfits were cosy and practical (face makeup-less ). We stayed in an incredible AirBnB that had straight up Homeward Bound vibes. I'll link it incase anyone fancies a Scottish adventure; with slouchy sofas, wood burner and huge dining room table it would be perfect for a family get together or reunion with friends. 


Eating, drinking and Scrabble-ing were high on the priority list when the weather was being typically Scottish and when it was still being typically Scottish we ventured on local walks and road trips to Tobermory on Mull (Cafe Fish for lunch is a must). I definitely want to see more of Scotland as I think we often forget to explore our home countries. Stay tuned for more 'On Film' posts. 


PS. The original film in the camera was from a holiday in Menorca eleven years ago when I was fourteen and looking extremely 2006 and not at all like current fourteen year olds. Nostalgia giving much entertainment once again. 


Breton Stripe T-shirt: Topshop (Old) Alternative | Jeans: Topshop | White T-Shirt: Topshop (Sold Out) Alternative | Parka: Topshop (Old) Alternative 

Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Bracelet: Pandora | Necklace: Ted Baker

nailed it

The Nail Yard is my go to spot in Edinburgh for a manicure. Having previously suffered the consequences of acrylics and become disillusioned with shellac, I've converted to the gel polish offered there. Opaque and glossy with 2/3 weeks lasting power as well as nourishing qualities not found in other polishes (including shellac) - what's not to like? The salon itself is bright and contemporary; situated amongst the boutiques, coffee shops and florists of Morningside which further adds to it's charm.


On this occasion I was invited in to experience their new treatment, the 'Signature Manicure'. Upon arrival a massage candle was lit, while my nails were shaped and cuticles tidied. My hands were softened using a natural coconut scrub (which smelt amazing!) followed by an equally delicious moisturising lotion. As a longtime sufferer of eczema, the products were sensitive to my skin leaving them feeling hydrated and smooth and completely un-aggravated!


As I mentioned previously, I always opt for the gel polish as I find this lasts the longest on my nails. Shellac, for some reason, lasts only a few days before 'shattering' which is frustrating when investing in a manicure with the aim of longevity. The treatment finished with a relaxing hand and arm massage using the the oils from the candle which had been burning throughout the duration of the appointment. I went for a rich purple shade incorporating a subtle white dot on the thumb which I love, I only wish I had asked for it on each finger too!


I couldn't feature these photo's without mentioning my jewellery. I wear the same rings everyday and feel totally bizarre without them on. Both on my left hand were gifts from my Boyfriend, Charlie. The amber one is from a little shop in Stockbridge called Galerie Mirages which is definitely worth a visit if you are in Edinburgh and the wings are by jewellery designer Julia Lacey. The other two are both from Topshop's sterling silver range and I can testify both are still completely silver, with no signs of tarnishing at all! Although barely seen here I also wear my Pandora charm bracelet and a delicate heart chain from Ted Baker every day too along with my ear stud and nose ring which is a simple hoop, both from the piercing studio. I love wearing jewellery that has sentiment which is why I tend to wear the same pieces daily. 


Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) | Bracelet: Pandora | Necklace: Ted Baker | Leather Jacket: Topshop | Blouse: Topshop (Old) 

Photography: Charlie Jennings