New Year is a weird one isn't it? There always seems to be an underlying pressure to reflect, make changes and be different. If you're like me, it's an additional opportunity to scrutinise whether what you're doing (in life) is enough. The short answer is probably, 'yes', but it's usually a lot harder to accept than that.

I've recently left my role as a Personal Shopper and will soon be starting a new job with a Creative Communications Company. As a leaving gift, a friend bought me the book, 'You Do You - how to be who you are and use what you've got to get what you want' which aims to promote the idea that you can in fact be yourself and be happy, without alteration. It was an apt gift and with the words 'THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU' emblazoned a few pages in, it struck a chord.


In somewhat of a contradiction, I will be making changes this year as I've worked for Topshop since I was nineteen. Although it's daunting to leave a place of comfort and knowledge it's also exhilarating. However, this wasn't a change made on the pretence of 'new year, new me' which I think is important. Changes and growth come with time and acceptance - you need to be ready in yourself rather than simply feel the pressure of a new year.

Despite the fact I will not be personal shopping daily, I will be continuing my love for fashion through the blog with the hope that I will be able to work freelance occasionally. Here I've created a look for Hogmanay. A sequin slip that could be worn on it's own for a dressed up affair, or as I have here, layered over a polo and jeans with barely there heels if you still want to feel festive but need to bring it down a few notches! 


Reading back, I realise this post is a little disjointed but I think it aptly reflects my feelings towards New Year. I do enjoy the anticipation of a fresh start but contrarily grudge the notion that we should change ourselves just because January 1st is around the corner.

Regardless, however you spend Hogmanay, I hope you bring in the bells in whatever way makes you happiest! See you again next month for a new post! 


Polo Neck: Topshop | Dress: Topshop (sold out) Ebay | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Topshop

Amber Ring: Galerie Mirages | Wings Ring: Julia Lacey | Bobble Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative | Linked Ring: Topshop (in store) Alternative